The Constellation Series

The Chase book cover

Book One

The Chase

Gabriella Worrington, who has just moved with her family to a new San Francisco neighborhood, clashes with Seren Doyle, president of the local homeowner association.

Their meeting is interrupted, leading to a fast-paced, eventful race across the country, with both the mob and the FBI nipping at their heels.

The Chase, the first book in the Constellation series, is a stand-alone romance novel featuring two women confronted with a past they'd rather forget and secrets they'd prefer to bury, as they navigate the closeness that grows between them and the uncertain future that lies ahead.

The Deal book cover

Book Two

The Deal

General Partnership Agreement

E. G. Jones, (Partner 1) residing at 1214 Salix Rd, Pattern, TX, and Nicole Summers (Partner 2), residing at 2004 Ash Ct, Austin, TX (“the Partners”) agree as follows:

Fake Romantic Relationship

1. Since October 14, 2023, the Partners have voluntarily associated themselves together in a fake romantic relationship for the purpose of Partner 1 joining the holiday celebrations at Partner 2’s family residence in Dallas, TX for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

2. The assets of the Partnership include, but are not limited to, Partner 1 acting as the girlfriend of Partner 2 around the family of Partner 2 for the duration of this contract. Partner 1 shall receive a compensation of $10,000.

Term of Partnership

3. This partnership commenced in October 2023 shall continue until December 27, 2023, or until dissolved by mutual agreement of the parties or terminated by one Partner at any point. Payment shall be calculated based on term fulfilled at termination.

The Deal is the second book in the Constellation series. It is a stand-alone romance novel taking place after the events of The Chase.

The Truce book cover

Book Three

The Truce

For almost a decade they were best friends. Inseparable. Then a betrayal tore them apart.

Over twenty years later, Amy Summers and Jess Daniels need to find a way to navigate their past as they are sent to Europe to handle the acquisition of a company.

Along the way, they manage to strike a fragile truce, yet emotions run high as each blames the other for wrecking their friendship.

The Truce is the third installment of the stand-alone romance series Constellation. It follows the adventures of Amy and Jess, whom readers meet in the previous installment, The Deal.

The Homecoming book cover

Book Four

The Homecoming

‘On the outside looking in,’ once perfectly described Temperance Worrington’s life until she met and fell in love with Rania Karam and Antoinette Joseph, a married couple who lives next door to Tempe’s grandmother.

Although none of them believes in a ‘price for happiness,’ their lives are forever altered on a stormy August morning when an accident portends to shatter their carefully crafted togetherness.

The aftermath of this unexpected crash threatens to tear them apart as they each face and battle their greatest demons. Along the way, we learn how their love story came to be and discover what they stand to lose as they try to overcome the various troubles life throws at them.

The Homecoming is the final installment of the contemporary romance series Constellation, wherein we see three women grapple with forces seeking to tear them apart.

Other Novels

A Question of Sincerity book cover

A Question of Sincerity

Honesty is a way of life for Claudia Khoury. So when it turns out that her fun-rebound is married to her new boss, she is at a loss as to how to deal with this unexpected curveball.

Elizabeth Lancaster's life flows along placidly—if someone were to ask her where she sees herself in ten years, she would give an exact and detailed answer, at least until her new employee derails her certain future.

Claudia’s revelations rip through Elizabeth's life like a destructive whirlwind, tearing apart old bonds and creating new ones.

After a collision that leaves them with more questions than answers, the two women find themselves on an unexpected journey. In the end, they must decide how to move forward and what role to allow the other to play in their lives.

A Question of Sincerity is a spinoff of the stand-alone contemporary romance series Constellation featuring two characters mentioned in the third novel, The Truce.

Well of Shadows book cover

The Well of Shadows

Aimee and Dylan follow up on a new lead in their hunt for a long-lost tome that might alter the very fabric of their reality. Along the way they strike up an unexpected, yet crucial alliance that adds an unforeseen complication to Aimee’s otherwise monotone existence.

Meanwhile, Christina Morgen is set to take over the Council of the Living, a role she’s been dutifully preparing for all her life. Her peaceful ascension to ruler of Saltung is jeopardized when the Tarung, a rebel group questioning major tenets of their society, rises in popularity and threatens Christina’s orderly world.

The Well of Shadows reveals secrets and challenges long-held beliefs as it hurtles its characters on a dangerous and magic-filled quest that sees them striving for a better future, only to come face-to-face with their biggest fears.

Also Available in German

firelight book cover


Sometimes fate doesn't follow your wishes. Gwendoline Dagon is set to become queen—a role she never wanted—after the unexpected death of her sister. She clashes with Amara Payne, High Mage and royal magical advisor, who is tasked with preparing Gwendoline for the throne.

Amara has no patience for Gwendoline’s rage, given she has dedicated her life to duty and the crown. The two women struggle to understand each other and have different ideas on how the future should play out, not just for themselves, but also for the entire kingdom.

Along the way, they uncover hidden facets of themselves while navigating a world filled with political intrigue, magical lore, and societal expectations. They must learn to cooperate with each other as both outside and inside forces work to tear the kingdom apart.

firelight is a tale of forbidden romance set against the backdrop of courtly schemes where duty clashes with desire—a narrative exploring whether Gwendoline and Amara can carve out their own destiny despite being entangled in webs woven by tradition and power struggles within Reshaya.

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