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Thankfully, the lesfic community keeps on growing, and I’ve had wonderful interactions with different authors on Twitter. That’s also how I met the delightful Abby Crofton, who pens sapphic romance, and whose newest novel, Spin My Heart Around, is available on Amazon. Be sure to check out Abby’s writing. To learn more about upcoming releases and to sign up for Abby’s mailing list, visit Abby’s website or follow her on Twitter at @abby_crofton.

Check out my interview with Abby Crofton, and learn more about her need for teleportation, her favorite genres to read, and her future plans!

1. If you could choose any superpower, what would you pick? Teleportation. I could be on a beach anywhere in the world in an instant, perfect!

2. Do you write with music on or off? Both. I like instrumental music, like Yasmin Williams, sometimes, but most of the time I prefer quiet.

3. What are your favorite genres to read? Are there genres you don’t read? I love romance, of course, and I’m getting into short stories and speculative fiction. I can’t get into true crime. I’m a wimp at heart.

4. How many projects do you work on at the same time? Just one big one, but I’ll pause to write a short story or flash fiction if I get in the mood.

5. List your three favorite romance tropes? Oh, there’re so many! Enemies to lovers, rich/poor, and second chance. I like some angst, but not too much.

6. Would you be open to co-write a book with another wlw author? I don’t think I’d be a good co-writer. I have control issues, which my poor girlfriend knows all about!

7. How many books do you hope to publish in a year? My first year I published two, then I had a lag, but now I’m publishing about once a year. I don’t have enough brain bandwidth for more.

8. Cats or dogs? Dogs, but just by a whisker (sorry for the pun).

9. Why did you start to write? I’ve always wanted to write, since I was a kid. One day I just finally did it.

10. What inspired your first book? I was reading a lot of queer YA, and thought, I could do this. So I did!

11. Do you have a writing routine? If so, can you describe it? When I’ve got a project going I try to write every day, at least 1,000 words. I don’t always hit that, but even 50 words I’ll be happy. Just have to keep the momentum going.

12. What’s the toughest part for you when you write a book? The beginning. I always start slow and then pick up a few chapters in. I’m always tearing apart my beginnings in editing.

13. What is your favorite thing to do outside of writing? Going to the beach with my girlfriend. We love the ocean and water and try to be close to it as much as possible.

14. Name one book that you think everyone should read. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It gives you a different way of looking at things.

15. What book are you reading right now? We’re Here: The Best Speculative Queer Fiction 2020. It’s really got my brain working overtime with the author’s themes.

16. Do you have any tips for anyone who wants to write a novel? Start with an outline, even if it’s just a page long. Get an idea where you want to go in the story before you start.

17. What is one interesting fact about you? I’m afraid of heights but I’ve been skydiving. I thought if I faced my fear I’d get over it. I did not and now I’m a nervous wreck whenever I’m a few stories up.

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